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All in all, 25 years of doing this for a living has resulted in quite a long list, but highlights include: The Face, Edge, Computer Arts, Sounds (that's where I started), and, as the ads say, many more.

What the Final Fantasy VII remake tells us about the future of CG

What the Final Fantasy VII remake tells us about the future of CG

22 years after playing the first game, was not expecting to write about its remake.

A piece for RedShark on the remake of FFVII due out next year.

Perhaps the most astonishing thing about this though is that it is all being put together with current technology. The game will come out on the PS4, a machine which in console terms is verging on the geriatric, and was created using the Unreal Engine 4, which is also a very known quantity in modern CG. Square is just managing to wring out every ounce of optimisation from the technology. And it’s not just the pre-rendered scenes either: the gameplay footage we’ve seen so far is nigh on seamless.

Full article here.

Behind the Scenes: Apollo 11

Behind the Scenes: Apollo 11

Examining M&A in 2019

Examining M&A in 2019