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HDR learns to go with the flow

HDR learns to go with the flow

Really pleased with this one; the first article I’ve written for the good people at Televisual for absolutely ages and a great way to reconnect with a load of good contacts in the post industry once more.

Article is all about grading in HDR with interviews with Netflix, Dolby, and some of the leading colourists in the UK industry.

It is just under a year since the first series commissioned to go though an HDR workflow in the UK, The Innocents, first aired on Netflix.

Since then an impressive amount of expertise in the format has been banked across the industry, with estimates that around 100 projects have passed through the UK’s grading facilities. The work is being spread across facilities and across machines, with no company and no HDR toolset seeming to have a noticeable edge over its competitors. There is though one commonality.

“HDR is very mature,” says Thomas Urbye at The Look, who graded The Innocents. “It happened very quickly and it’s been driven by Netflix primarily.”

Read the full piece here: HDR learns to go with the flow.

The implications of 5G network slicing for video

The implications of 5G network slicing for video

Films at 59 deploys PixStor central storage

Films at 59 deploys PixStor central storage