Current clients (the past 365 days or so)

  • Audiotonix

  • Bubble Communications

  • IBC365

  • InBroadcast

  • MX1

  • RedShark News

  • Televisual

  • Viaccess-Orca

I have also written for:

  • Broadcast

  • IBC

  • ISE Daily News

  • SVG Europe (I set that one up)

  • Televisual

  • The IBC Daily

  • TV Technology

  • TVBEurope

More people I write/have written for:

Numerous corporate clients (Avid, BKSTS, IBC, MJO Broadcast, Quantel, Sony, Sony Professional, VMI, White Noise PR etc)

Numerous PR clients

Numerous websites

All in all, 25 years of doing this for a living has resulted in quite a long list, but highlights include: The Face, Edge, Computer Arts, Sounds (that's where I started), and, as the ads say, many more.

An IBC preview

An IBC preview

Summer is, of course the time for writing IBC previews, so here’s one I did for a client in August.

Written for Viaccess-Orca, it skews towards their own interests to generate interest and footfall (CTAs on the blog post are all about ‘come meet us at the show’) while also providing a broad overview of trends at the show.


IBC might be a smaller show than its giant American counterpart, NAB, but it’s still big enough that to explore the whole thing over the course of its five days is a serious challenge. There are something like 1700 exhibitors filling the halls of the RAI, and with a high-profile and very vocal Conference as well, it always feels like a show that sets the agenda for the following year.

So, with that in mind, this is our list of the top 10 things to see and technologies to investigate at IBC2019. Some are actual areas of the show, some are events, and others are themes that will underpin the discussions that take place.

And, for the record, the 10 things are:

  1. Low latency

  2. Content piracy

  3. AI everywhere

  4. Esports

  5. UHD/HDR/8K/5G

  6. Media-Telecom Catalyst

  7. Remote production

  8. Increased equality

  9. Android TV

  10. Something unexpected

Read the full piece here: IBC2019: Ten things to see and technologies to investigate

These moon landing tapes are worth at least $1 million

These moon landing tapes are worth at least $1 million